Something Important

Something Important (2014)

"The beauty of this film is its simplistic style. It describes the transference of one person’s memory to another and contemplates how we weave their experiences together with our own create a tapestry of shared memories."
- Jamie Cunningham

NaiWei Liu’s Something Important(2014) is a 2D animation, which presents the filmmaker's personal journey of self-discovery woven as a tapestry of his memories. Liu uses an abstract montage style that combines hand-drawn elements with composited photo realistic scenes in tandem with music to express his life experiences filtered through time and remembrance. The resulting film conveys a positive perspective that transforms psychologically difficult occurrences into a field of creative insights.

Director / Nai Wei Liu 劉乃瑋
Animated & Narrated / Nai Wei Liu
Original Score / Chris Zabriskie, Saito Koji (
School of Visual Arts MFA Computer Art
© Nai Wei Liu Class of 2014

■ Official Selections:
2015, Annecy International Animation Festival, Annecy, France
2015, Taipei Film Festival, Taipei, Taiwan
2014, Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA) - Animation Category Finalist, San Jose, USA
2014, NYC ACM SIGGRAPH - MetroCAF 2014, New York, USA
2014, Taiwan International Student Design Competition, Taiwan
2015, Holland Animation Film Festival 2015, Holland
2015, Animafest Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
2015, Animasivo festival, Mexico City
2015, 8th International Animation Festival Fest Anca, Zilina, Slovakia
2015, La Guarimba Film Festival, Amantea, Italy
2015, ANIMAYO International Film Festival of Animations, Visual Effects and Videogames,
2015, The Animex International Festival of Animation and Computer Games, UK
2015, Northwest Animation Festival, Portland, Oregon, USA
2015, Universe Multicultural Film Festival
2015, 10th Athens ANIMFEST, Athens, Greece
2015, Monstra Festival, Lisbon, Portugal
2015, ANIMAC 2015, Lleida, Spain
2015, The 18th Japan Media Arts Festival, Japan
2015, International Motion Festival, Cyprus
2015, Madeira Film Festival, Madeira
2015, Asians On Film Festival, Hollywood, CA, USA
2015, A Film Trust for Social Development, India
2014, ANCHORAGE International film Festival, Anchorage, Alaska
2014, Animation and New Media Festival, West Indies
2014, Aniwow! 9th China (Beijing) International Student Animation Festival, China
2014, IMA Film Festival, India
2014, Short of the Month. competition category
2014, Family & Forgiveness Film Festival, CA, USA
2014, 14th Animation Academy Award, Beijing, China
2014, Animated Dreams Animation Film Festival, Tallinn, Estonia
2014, Access Code Short Film Festival, Bangalore, Karnataka
2014, International Family Film Festival (IFFF), Hollywood, CA, USA
2014, Primanima World Festival of First Animations, Budaörs, Hungary
2014, 3rd Delhi Shorts International Film Festival, India
2014, Anim!Arte - International Student Animation Festival, Brazil
2014, 4th Pune Short Film Festival, India
2014, ReAnimania YIAFF, Armenia
2014, New Hampshire Film Festival, Portsmouth, USA
2014, ANIMAGE Festival, Inscrições abertas para Animage, em Pernambuco, Boa Vista, PE, Brazil
2014, CINANIMA - Festival Internacional de Cinema de Animação, Espinho, Portugal
2014, 37th Starz Denver Film Festival - First Look Student Film Program. Denver, Colorado
2014, FIC PUEBLA, Puebla, Pue. México
2014, Fantasy Animation Award, Digital Art Center Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
2014, JUMPTHECUT, Singapore
2014, Kinofest 2014, Bucharest. Romania
2014, Grenada Afterglow Film Festival, Grenada
2014, FFOCOL Film Festival of Columbus, Ohio, USA
2014, ECOFILM FESTIVAL, Benito Juárez Ciudad de México
2014, 31st Tehran International Short Film Festival. (TISFF),Tehran, Iran
2014, Highway 61 Film Festival, Pine County, Minnesota, USA
2014, 9th Sunscreen Film Festival, LA, USA
2014, Taiwan International Student Design Competition -Final Selection of Digital Animation Category, Taiwan
2014, KLIK Amersterdam Animation Festival, Amersterdam, The Netherlands
2014, San Jose International Short Film Festival. CA, USA
2014, CutOut Fest, Querétaro, Mexico
2014, Shortcut 100 Film Festival, Chicago, USA
2014, The Oakland Underground Film Festival, Oakland, CA, USA
2014, North American Chinese Directors Short Film Collection - Semifinalist, New York, USA
2014, Sakhalin International Film Festival "On the Edge", Asian cinema, Sakhalin Island, Russia
2014, Bolgatty International Film Festival 2014, Kochi, Kerala, India
2014, MFACA 2014 Selected Works, New York, USA

■ Awards / Honors
2015, ADC 94th Annual Awards - Gold Award
2015, Universe Multicultural Film Festival - Best Mixed Media
2015, Asians On Film Festival - Best Animation
2014, NYC ACM SIGGRAPH, MetroCAF 2014 - Special Recognition Jury Award
2014, [Aniwow! 2014]9th China (Beijing) International Student Animation Festival - Special Jury Award & Best Animated Short Film Award Nomination
2014, Taiwan International Student Design Competition - Golden Prize
2014, Taiwan Digital Art Center, 1st AnimA Awards - Special Jury Award
2014, Family & Forgiveness Film Festival - Best Animation
2014, Anim!Arte - 11 º International Student Animation Festival - Anim!Arte Grand Prix
2014, Anim!Arte - 11 º International Student Animation Festival - 1st place : Best Film in North America
2014, Anim!Arte - 11 º International Student Animation Festival - 3rd place : Official Jury
2014, 3rd Delhi Shorts International Film Festival - Best Animation
2014, Beijing film academy 14th Animation Academy Awards - Award for Excellent Experimental Innovation
2014, Beijing film academy 14th Animation Academy Awards - Award for Excellent Creative
2014, Beijing film academy 14th Animation Academy Awards - Special Jury Award
2014, School of Visual Arts: Alumni Scholarship Award

■ Exhibitions
2014, Zero Boundaries — An Emerging Taiwanese Art/Design/Tech Exhibition, New York, USA
2014, ZERO:ONE SVA MFA Computer Art Exhibition, The Visual Arts Gallery, New York, USA
2014, 1st ANIMA animation exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan


Something Important - Full Version

2014 / Something Important (2014) / Personal Project / 7'19

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